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5thFloorMedia uses the following skill sets in building websites:

1. Art Director 

2. Web Designer 

3. HTML/PHP/ Coder 

4. Programmer (Web Development) 

5. Copy Writer

6. Flash/Motion Graphics Designer 

Our team works under the guidance of our creative director.We also use photographers, extremely skilled animation specialists, artists, and expert programmers for special projects.

The website development process at 5thFloorMedia requires numerous strategies to be brought together, such as Concept Design, Technology, and Content.

There are simple and accessible websites and intricate and elaborate websites, feature-heavy and static projects. Therefore, based on requirements, we estimate our resources' time for each aspect and decide on a budget.

We at 5thFloorMedia provide a complete range of design services for both print and web, such as:

1. Content Writing

2. Photography

3. Image Sourcing

4. Logo Design

5. Copy Writer

6. Corporate Identity Development

7. Stationery and package design

8. Search Engine Marketing Services

9. Search Engine Optimization Services

We start from scratch and add all the creative elements and technology features together to build a web presence that will exceed your expectations. To achieve this, we utilize every technique and resource to find specialized talent as and when required.

Timelines for a 10-page static website takes

1. Seven days for home page concept presentation

2. Seven days for the design of all pages from the concept approval date ? Ten days for Internal pages layout, CSS, DIV based coding, Programming & Integration, Design Review. Testing, Debugging, and Deployment.

We accommodate urgent projects as per client requirements.

No. The work scope is planned as per the original brief, requirements, and discussions and priced accordingly.

Often, additional information pages and features, etc., are requested during the development process. To avoid such confusion, we usually plan the extra work for the second phase of development. Prices will be worked out for the additional pages when required and always with your approval before starting.

We believe each website and online marketing tools require unique treatments for each organization while maintaining its branding and overall spirit. We consistently study the requirements, develop website structure and offer feature recommendations for your consideration before the project starts.

You will be able to modify the plan or send us your ideas and suggestions at this stage. This way, we obtain a perfect understanding of your business & the organization, reflecting our efforts.

We will provide you access to our web server, where the ongoing web design project will be posted in stages for your observations, remarks, suggestions, and approval.

Studying your business requirements is our first and utmost important step in understanding your organization's goals, needs, timelines, and overall expectations. Our team will learn your target market, products, and services and ways to generate leads through your website.

Before starting the design, we have a brief meeting to understand your corporate identity, colors, images, and content and share your corporate identity guideline and branding guidelines for us to stabilize it throughout your website.

It has rarely happened that our efforts are entirely rejected. This has been possible only because we take the whole responsibility of learning about your business and understanding

your requirements. We also study websites that you like and dislike and only then start building the website in stages, so we both are aware of expectations. Above everything, the websites we create reflect the company's standards and maintain its overall spirit.

We will build the company's website as per your inputs, and we believe you know your business best. All our abilities as professional website designers will help bring your aspirations to life and create a thriving place in the market.

Font usage on web pages is limited because HTML can provide only the font's name and not the character shape. Therefore, if the font is not installed on the computer, you cannot see it. We try to specify a range of fonts in web design.

When the font specifications are 'Futura, Geneva, Arial, Sans-serif,' few computers will see the first choice as Futura; this is not a commonly installed font. The browser moves to the next option. At the same time, Mac computers will switch to Geneva as it is common to Macs. Arial is widely used in Macs and PCs. San-serif is the default font for maximum computers.

A page on the internet that is accessed using a web browser is a web page. When you are clicking on a link, you are moved to a new screen, and you view a separate web page. Each web page consists of different data relevant to the numerous topics world website that can be accessed via the internet with just a few clicks and specified, detailed research on web browsers.

While many of our clients are large organizations, we also work with small and medium-sized companies. After all, all big companies today began as little at some point. We are experienced with companies of all sizes, and we will support you as you grow. A business's pride is its long-term relationships with its clients. You can depend on us to be around you with support and advice as you move to the next phase of success.

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827 E Pioneer Road Suite #103, Draper, Utah 84020

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