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Enhance your brand awareness and be the most recognized on social media with 5thFloorMedia's social media marketing services

Social media marketing has become vital for any business in this digital age with a million internet users. Starting with magnifying the brand presence to generating valuable leads, social media marketing can help a business in numerous ways. As one of the top social media marketing companies in Bangalore, 5thFloorMedia can successfully handle all social media channels of a business.
Our SMM team has run many social media campaigns on different platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Once you collaborate with us for the social media services, our team shall generate relevant content, schedule posts for all the social media accounts of your business.
As business owners, we know what you expect from any advertising agencies like us. With our constant marketing efforts, we promise to give you viral social media networks with many followers.

Why Do Businesses Need Social Media Marketing?

As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Bangalore, we at 5thFloorMedia deal with different forms of digital marketing like SEO, SEM, SMM, Content Writing, etc. We know how important social marketing for any business is. It's the solid social presence that helps any company become a creative digital age brand.

Worry not if you have not yet started with the social media marketing of your business. Our enthusiastic, creative, and highly talented social media team can design a perfect social media strategy for any business.

Why invest in SEO optimization?

We are all living in a digital world where we depend on the internet for everything and anything. In this case, having a business that is not found on Google is sick. Don't you think so? The first thing a customer does as she/he hears of it from someone is to browse the search engines for reviews and ratings. At this stage, why the risk of not being found on the internet?

Partner with the best SEO company in Bangalore that can help you rank higher on the search engines but also helps you retain the rankings for a long time. We at 5thFloorMedia provide the best SEO services to our clients by following the proven successful SEO techniques.

Our goal is to deploy a kick-ass SEO campaign that gives our clients consistent ranking positions. With a team of Google SEO experts working together, we follow the process to enhance the organic traffic earned.
SMM is one of the cost-effective forms of digital marketing. With just spending a little time and money on social networking, social media management tools, and scheduling content, any business can reach a wider audience.
Social Marketing results in enhanced brand awareness for any business. Do you recall the name of even a single brand that doesn't have any official social media pages? Our SMM team is all set to turn your business to be a viral brand on social media.
SMM marketing can undoubtedly drive a smooth audience engagement vital for any business to maintain its brand loyalty. The social media strategy of 5thFloorMedia aims to win the audience's attention by developing creative engagement tactics like running contests, getting feedback, conveying the business's vision, and many more.
Social Media also plays a crucial role in maintaining healthier customer service for any business. With a practical social media listening ability, you will track the mentions of your brand and know the actual time audience perception. Make your audience feel valued for once and see them turn out to be your regular customers.
Social media marketing tools can also be a powerful way to market your website content, resulting in increased SEO rankings of your site. As one of the best digital marketing companies in Bangalore, we have seen many businesses outperforming their competitors with the help of social media.

The SMM Process we Follow at 5thFloorMedia

Identifying the Goal

We are one of the best ad agencies in Bangalore. Before designing a social media strategy, our SMM team will try to identify the purpose of your business. This will help us figure out the primary business goal and churn out the relevant content for your business. Over the years, we have observed that many companies usually aim to generate leads and maximize web traffic through social profiles, and we have helped them reach the goals.

Choosing the Right Platform

Once we have understood your business and what it does, we shall try to choose a suitable social platform based on the age and interests of your audience. If your audience is primarily teenagers, we prefer to start with Instagram and then cross-post the same on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc... If you have a more professional audience, we shall suggest LinkedIn as your primary platform to run social media campaigns.

Posting Content

Once we are all set with creating the official social media handles of different platforms, we shall now aim at posting content by getting the creatives designed from our content. Our SMM team has reached that creative punch to design engaging images and content. We create content calendars to schedule posts and avoid the last-minute rush. We have got different proven successful social media to post ideas and shall implement the same to any business or brand that collaborates with us for social media marketing.

Creating the Social Media Ad Campaigns

We are also experts in running social media ad campaigns on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter. Reach out to know more about the procedure we follow for each ad campaign and the pricing we charge for each of them.

Let's connect for a free site audit call and come up with the right social media plan.
Whether you own a small business or a large enterprise as one of the finest advertising agencies in Bangalore, we are always ready to provide a free site audit in the first place. Based on the audit, we can further discuss the digital marketing services we can provide.

Social Media Marketing FAQ's

Bangalore is a city with a huge population and many internet users. To serve them, many companies might claim themselves to be the best social media companies. But only a few ad agencies like 5thFloorMedia can provide you the worthy services. Check our social media checklist to find out the common social media issues, and if you are facing any one of these, you may reach out for the services.

Yes, the SMM team of our company can design the social media strategy of any business right from scratch. We create the pages, plan the creative’s, churn the content, schedule the posts and post them on your handles.

The prime aim of social media is to increase the brand awareness of any business. Increased brand awareness always results in widespread wide of mouth, and thus there will be a growth in the number of leads. However, you can also run social media campaigns to boost conversions.

The 5thFloorMedia team will follow the above process to design a social media strategy. We first identify the social goals, create official pages if required, choose the right platforms and then churn out content based on the target audience and their interests.

Social media is the best medium for product launches. Before launching the products, we recommend creating visual content describing the products and thus market them with the help of the right social media influencers. We at 5thFloorMedia have a profound social networking influencer that can help our clients to advertise the products and services with more ease and convenience.

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